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Welcome to VULCAN CANE CORSO located in beautiful Columbia, South Carolina.

VULCAN CANE CORSO has chosen to focus on the conservation of all the Cane Corso breed's characteristics, that for decades have made it a loyal family member and resolute defender or property. We aim to match your unique and exclusive lifestyle with our high standard client relationship, premium quality, and ownership experience.  Our dogs are maintained in the home to facilitate with socialization and observation of temperament from day one.

Like the nurturing of a fine wine or cigar, we will always execute quality over quantity.

Veteran owned Hooah!!!

***Nationally recognized IN 2021 by Happydoggo.com as 1 of the top 5 best dog breeders in South Carolina, and have also received recommendations from multiple reputable dog information websites.



Contact for draft pick information, via phone, or email. *****Puppy photos are located in PHOTO link (Puppies Available) For more photos visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Let’s just start off by saying.. If you are looking for the best cane corso breeder out there then you have stopped at the right place!! I can't say enuff about Vulcan cane corso.. From beginning to end was outstanding.. The puppy we got is such a blessing to me and me wife and children. I had been searching for several years to purchase a cane corso puppy and you guessed it had been victim to scams and such, you will find none of that here!! When speaking with Richie he knows his business inside and out and goes to every measure with utmost honor for the breed.. I purchased our lil ball of joy and the next day the puppy was delivered to me front doorstep by way of Vulcan's vip delivery service.. If I could give me honest rating I’d rate Vulcan cane corso over 1000!! And just like I told Richie when he showed up here, we knew this was our puppy and I wouldn't of hesitated one bit if he would wanted $10,000 for our special lil son.. I could go on an on but I can’t say enuff good things about em.. You will not be disappointed by going with Vulcan Cane Corso!! I guarantee you that..



If you have been searching for a reputable Cane Corso breeder, search no more. Vulcan is the one. We couldn't be happier with our new pup or the service we received from Ritchie. From start to finish, the process of picking your puppy to bringing them home has been fantastic. Vulcan's site states they offer high standard client relationship, premium quality and ownership experience. Believe it, because it's all true! My advice would be to get your name on his list asap. You won't be disappointed!



We are first time dog owners and We are very impressed with Richie! He really does a Great job with his puppies! Welcome our newest Baby! He is the sweetest. If your are interested in joining the Vulcan Cane Corso family, inbox me. The Breeder is awesome to work with. He really takes care of his litter. They come potty trained, trimmed nails, registered, 6 weeks shots, ears cut, a goody bag…..BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT, HE HAS CALLED AND CHECKED ON BABY, AND ME 😂😂😂😂 SINCE WE HAVE HAD HIM. Thanks Family for a perfect fit!



Fantastic breeder, very easy to work with. Keeps in touch regularly for feedback on how the puppy is doing, as well as offering support advice. I highly recommend these quality puppies!



I am beyond impressed with the team at Vulcan. They were extremely informative and helpful through every step of the process in getting our puppy. It helps to see that the owners are so passionate and knowledgeable when it comes to the Cane Corso breed. I’ll be reaching out to them in the next year or two for another! I strongly recommend Vulcan Cane Corso!!



VIP service was GREAT. Sasha was happy and very energetic. Vulcan family was very professional from day 1 to delivery. My Man Rich



Best dog breeder and family business .



Becoming a part of the Vulcan Cane Corso family has been such a blessing. Richie never pressured me into getting a Cane Corso (even though I was already sold on them since I have one) lol. He is so knowledgeable about Cane Corsos. Great communication. I constantly had questions about how my baby was doing and he was never bothered and I appreciated that. Our new babygirl is the most perfect addition to our family. If you’re looking into getting a new Cane Corso look no further. These are the most beautiful Corsos I have come across. Very family oriented. WHEN I decide to get another one I will definitely get it from Richie. I cannot thank you enough!



I have been so impressed with our puppy that we got from Vulcan. He is stable and secure in himself, has a wonderful temperament and very responsive. The puppy speaks worlds at the quality of dog you are getting from Vulcan. You can see the wheels turning as the pup puts together what they need to do. Not only is the pup just great temperament, he is absolutely gorgeous and healthy. Vulcan as a breeder is a dream, very responsive and cares deeply for all his animals. He works with them to make sure they are comfortable and balanced. As always though as an owner make sure you do your research on the breed to make sure it is a good fit for you and your family, if it is this is the best breeder you can find.



As a first time Cane Corso owner, I’ve had the best experience with Vulcan!! I would 100% recommend Vulcan Cane Corso to anyone! Also very Kind and Responsive!! Thank you :)



First I want to thank God for guiding us to Mr.Richie’s establishment. My search for a Cane Corso or a guard dog for my disabled son Mr. Richie business name came up “Vulcan Cane Corso” I was taken by how professional he is and the love and care he provides to his dogs. You won't find that anywhere...but here at Mr.Richie’s place of business. I am so happy to have met him and his family. Almost definitely I will refer him to family, friends, or anyone who ask “where did you get your Cane Corso from?” I greatly will say “Vulcan Cane Corso.” Mr.Richie is awesome.🙏 You must see him and his entourage.



Vulcan provides the kind of service that you should receive when doing business with any organization. They were very professional yet extremely personable at the same time. We now have our puppy (10 wks old) home with us and you can tell that they put in the necessary time and energy with the initial training of their puppies. Our puppy is already trained to look to us for guidance before taking action. We could actually tell when visiting that they do very well with training their dogs. Their dogs were very obedient and appeared to be well taken care of from what we could see. If you're looking to add a cane corso to your family, I strongly suggest Vulcan Cane Corso. They were an absolute pleasure to work with from the first visit to the day we picked up our beautiful puppy.



Adopting from The Vulcan team is truly a rewarding experience from start to finish. They make you feel apart of their family as they introduce you to your new addition and are very educated on the Cane Corso breed. All of their dogs are very lovely, well kept and most of all have a great temperament. All information is provided up front in a professional manner. Mr Richie is definitely a guru in the dog breeding field who’s very transparent, informative and easy to work with. Whenever the day comes to make another addition, I’d definitely seek this team again.



I purchased my new puppy from a breeder out of state. I'm from Fort Lauderdale FL and Vulcan Cane Corso is from Columbia SC. Purchasing a pup online or over the phone can be scary, when I first came across Vulcan Cane Corso we started by texting then I asked if I could speak with him and weeks later here we are at his home to pick up our puppy. The amount of pictures will never do justice for what I saw in person my puppy is beautiful and amazing... So happy to have joined the Vulcan family fabulous breeder♥️



Our new puppy is extremely intelligent and gets along so well with our German Shepard! Richie was also extremely knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had initially when picking her up. We would recommend him to anyone who is looking to get a Cane Corso.



Richie very knowledgeable about the breed. Family oriented and supportive. They responded to me anytime I have questions or concerns about my puppy.



I searched for a long time looking for a corso breeder and was so happy to come across Vulcan cane corso! They made the process so easy and kept me up to date though the whole process. Richie made sure to answer any question I had. Our puppy is amazing, she had a beautiful build and both our vet and trainer have said she’s the most beautiful corso they have seen in awhile. I’m so happy I chose Vulcan to get our puppy through.



I looked for a year or so before my daughter called to tell me that she found a beautiful breed of Italian Mastiff/Cane Corso. Had our Nina Rosa for 5 days. Not only is she beautiful but so smart. Already learned 3 commands and she is already recognized hand signs too. This is a remarkable blood line and kennel. The owner Richie is a fabulous person that Cares.



We got the perfect dog from a perfect breeder! Seriously. We couldn’t of asked for a better experience! Rich was so helpful from day 1. He is easy to communicate with, which made me comfortable right away with my decision to purchase with Vulcan. I can tell he loves what he does, and it shows in the quality care of the puppies. We love your lil guy and we are happy to now be a part of the Vulcan family! Highly recommend.



Our family brought home our Vulcan Cane Corso on 02/05/22. He is a wonderful and amazing puppy! This breeder goes above and beyond for their dogs and their customers alike. Richie is fantastic with communication both before and after the pup comes home. I’d recommend anyone to do business with him if you’re in the market for a cane corso!



Ok fbf you see the photo! 🙌🏾 yes, Sloan Griffin and I are proud parents of our “KING”! I have heard horror stories about purchasing pets from breeders but “RICH” is the absolute best! He treats his K-9’s like family(which they are family) Rich is kind, patient and very informative about the “Cane Corso” breed. He makes sure that the puppies have everything that they need for their home transformation. Ears, tail, food, shots, house trained and most of all “”LOVE”. When I took my baby “KING” to my vet, she stated that he was “Perfect”!!! She said that the breeder did a “AWESOME” job! Thank you sooo much Rich for our little blessing!



Richie is a master breeder. I couldn't be happier with the puppy I got from one of his litters. I've done extensive research on finding the right breeder for a few months and settled with Vulcan Cane Corso. Not only does he know about his line of work but he's also a very humble person. Would recommend 10/10 times!



Fantastic experience! Richie was great to work with, he walked us through the entire process and always took the time to answer all of my questions. His expertise is impressive and the genuine care and love for his dogs is undeniable. We are extremely happy with our new (puppy) member of our family. Highly recommend Vulcan Cane Corso!



The process of purchasing two Cane Corso’s was long and arduous, until we found Vulcan Cane Corso’s. Once we decided Rich was going to be our trusted breeder, it was smooth sailing. This family has fallen in love with our new family members. Rich is always available if we have a question or two. As first timers, this is THE most important thing we needed, just to make sure we are on par with experienced owners. 5 star!!



I have been thoroughly impressed with Vulcan Cane Corso from the very start. I can’t say enough good things about Richie and his work/communication. He is extremely knowledgeable about this breed and knows his dogs inside and out. He has been quickly responsive to my phone calls, texts and questions and provides lots of good pictures and updates along the way. He helped create and find me THE PERFECT puppy. She is extraordinarily smart, very sweet, and most importantly, extremely healthy. She’s absolutely wonderful. I’m in love! I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you so much Richie!!!



The process of purchasing two Cane Corso’s was long and arduous, until we found Vulcan Cane Corso’s. Once we decided Rich was going to be our trusted breeder, it was smooth sailing. This family has fallen in love with our new family members. Rich is always available if we have a question or two. As first timers, this is THE most important thing we needed, just to make sure we are on par with experienced owners.



Richie is the best breeder you could buy from. Kujo is the easiest pup I’ve had yet. He gives great advice for raising and training your pup and continues to check in over time.



Vulcan worked with me and coached me through the whole purchasing process. The result is the most amazing puppy ever! My vet was so impressed with how well breed he is and said "he must have amazing bloodlines". He absolutely does! I highly recommend Rich and Vulcan Cane Corso!



Richie has top tier professionalism up to this point! I over love his open communication and knowledge of the breed. Waiting for my future pup and blessed to say that I have confidence that we will have a relationship after our pup is home. Response time great!



I am so happy to be apart of the Vulcan Family. I love my pup already. Richie has been extremely helpful. There are so many scammers out there, but we felt we could trust him from the beginning. He provided weekly updates and answered any questions that I had. Now that I have my pup he is still checking in and providing feedback. You will always have the Vulcan's family support! Will definitely be adding another fur baby to our family soon!



Great experience! I would highly recommend Vulcan to anyone looking for a beautiful healthy Cane Corso. Richie made the process very smooth from start to finish. Be sure to ask about the VIP transport service!



Very good experience, I was able to have constant communication throughout the process and receiving the puppy was also easy. I highly recommend using their services 10/10



If you are looking for Cane Corso Breeder that you can trust in the United States, Vulcan Cane Corso is it. This Veteran owned family involved breeder, breeds for confidence, temperament, structure, and compliance with all Cane Corso Association of America standards (CCAA); Parent Breed club of the American Kennel Club (AKC). So if you want a companion, or show dog, and guard dog Vulcan has got the pooch for you. Richie (Owner) is extremely active on social media via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for all your pupdate needs. This is was very important for me because I wanted to ensure I wasn't getting scammed. I could literally see how each litter of puppies was developing from birth since he started the company. So if you purchase or are trying to decide Vulcan has you covered. Puppies are health guaranteed and Vulcan delivers amongst other great things. Please do your self a favor and check out his website. I could not be more pleased with my baby girl I picked up a few weeks ago. As well as the customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. Richie will answer any and all of your questions. He will also continue to check on you and your puppy. Richie, I want to sincerely thank you for everything you are the best breeder someone could ask for. All the great conversations and insight into the beautiful breed of the Cane Corso.



Rich has made the journey to being a Cane Corso owner stress free. From the moment I submitted my request for available litters, Rich has gone above and beyond to reach out and communicate the entire time. He even presented us an opportunity to bring our new boy Thor home a week earlier than we were anticipating. It is very clear that he cares not only about the breed but the family of owners he is helping to place puppies with. Highly recommend



One of the best breeders in the state of Sc! Super professional when it came to communication. They answered any questions i had regarding my puppy with no problems, i picked up a beautiful and VERY healthy pup from them. If your looking for a QUALITY puppy i HIGHLY suggest going with them.



We love the vulcan cane corso team (Richie) vulcan team is the best breeders of the cane corso you won't find no other like them the best breeders .I'll tell the world ,trust and believe a true breeder of the cane corso ,go over and beyond to assist you from the beginning and end of being a cane corso owner ,always there to answer your questions, phone calls ,emails ,very knowledgeable, professional, easy to talk too about care and training ,recommendations, very caring . I wanted you all to know what you bring to families is truly a lifetime of love and joy to families , who get your cane corso dogs ,you dont feel left alone in the family of cane corso owners. thank you for makeing our family happy and complete with our new member pup ,doing what you done for us words not enough to say thank you and the vulcan team .



We spent a great deal of time searching for the right breeder. We had spoken to several, but after speaking with Richie, he had the right vibe quickly feeling like I was talking with my brother. As we went through the process he kept us informed and answered all our questions. We have had our pup now for several weeks and shes a doll. Thank you Vulcan Corso. We are happy to be part of the family.



I got the best pup in the litter!! I love my pup (Bia) so much. I’ve had her for almost two weeks and she’s already doing well with basic commands. Thank you Vulcan Cane Corso!!



We've gotten two puppies from Vulcan and they are just perfect. The breeder is knowledgeable and follows up periodically just to see how everything is going. Fantastic breeder, fantastic service, and absolutely gorgeous Cane Corso puppies.



We are so in love with our baby!! Her name is Saya! 12 weeks as of yesterday!! We are so thankful we found the valcan cane corso family! We literally found them at like 9pm but they answered and within a couple hours we had our cane corso registered and we just had to wait a couple days to get her till she was 8 weeks. We were blessed. If I have questions to this day I can text and they will answer!!! If you are wanting a cane corso go with this family. They have a facebook with everyone who has gotten a CC from them so everyone can keep in touch and ask questions its really useful.



If you are looking for a great breeder and experience you’ve found one with Rich and his team. My family was blessed to bring home a very vibrant, smart, loyal and loving puppy from the Vulcan Cane Corso tribe. Our puppy is everything and an awesome fit for our household.



Richie and his family are the best , from pictures, to videos , and FaceTime. He was/ is never to busy. Also, once we picked our new pup up he kept in contact and answered all our questions. 10/10 experience



Received my Cane Corso in December. She is extremely intelligent and tuned in. I was mostly concerned with temperament and she is definitely above my expectations. Mr. Rich is an outstanding breeder, but more importantly a man of integrity. If you want a excellent quality Cane Corso, Vulcan Cane Corso is the place.



Hey there! Vulcan Cane Corso recently provided me with the newest 💜 of my life! The buying and puppy selection process was was straight forward, and RR (owner) was excellent with relaying information, answering questions along the way, and providing weekly updates on the puppies growth all the way up until pickup day. Highly recommended!



If you are considering getting a pup from Richie at Vulcan Cane Corso DO IT! You will not be sorry. Getting our Zeus has hands down been the best experience getting a puppy. Within 24 hours you will see the time and effort that has been put into these dogs. You will get a very well balanced puppy that is ready for its new home and ready to start training and bonding. It’s evident these puppies get plenty of time with their mother and siblings to learn what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable. Richie puts a lot of effort into making sure his babies go to loving caring homes. Forget everything you may think about getting a dog from a breeder because this will be nothing like what you’ve probably experienced. You don’t buy a pup and leave. You get follow up contact and he is more than willing to help you with any questions you have. Vulcan Cane Corso will be the only place I go for another dog. Thank you Richie and everyone who puts the time and effort into these amazing pups. They are worth every penny and then some! We even got compliments on out 10 week old puppy at the vet about how well behaved he is.



Absolute awesome experience with this company. Mr Richie Rich and his Wife are true animal lovers. We enjoyed meeting the pups and interacting with people who know how to take care of such a great breed of family dogs. Our girl is already spoiled! Great communication with Mr Rich. He went above and beyond to make sure everything went as smooth as possible.



My experience with Vulcan cane corso has been one of the best from start to finish.Very informative and caring, even after adopting my baby he has kept in contact. I couldn’t as for better. If you are looking for a cane corso puppy i 100% recommend Vulcan Cane Corso



Could not possibly ask for a better puppy! We own a bunch of large dogs everything from Cane corsos to dogo Argentina German shepherds and both English and bull mastiff and just wanted to say how this puppy seems like she's on a different level very lovable very playful and listen so well. Would highly recommend this breeder or anyone looking for a good quality Cane Corso. Mr Ricky is not a guy that just gets your money and gives you the dog and goes about his business. He constantly texts the first few days to make sure everything is going well that the dog is settling in and no issues could not be more happy with our new addition to our family! Thank you so much Vulcan Cane corsos!


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Nationally recognized by Happydoggo.com in 2021 as 1 of the top 5 best dog breeders in South Carolina. https://happydoggo.com/services/south-carolina/dog-breeders-in-south-carolina/

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  • Columbia, SC, United States

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